About Us

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Our story started back in the 1990s when we began distributing soda pops, juices and iced teas to various cafés and convenience stores in New York city and parts of Jersey. The demand for our beverage portfolio was pretty decent in both retail and wholesale markets. The success of the distribution channel helped us build our first website to establish a digital presence of our family-owned business. It helped cater to the office and household demand for beverages in our operational area.

We were well-established in this business, when Keurig launched its K-Cup pods in the market. The new product created much hype in the market, given its genius design and convenience for daily use. The unique selling proposition created for Keurig’s custom coffee machine with the introduction of this product generated huge demand from stores. As we added the K-Cups to our portfolio, our Keurig sales went through the roof. So, we decided to strategize its marketing to tap the true potential.


We became a third-party seller on Amazon due to high traffic on the e-commerce platform, after it entered the grocery market. We thought it will help grow our business with economies of scale despite low margins. Our decision helped us gain much experience in guaranteeing customer satisfaction by providing the highest level of customer service through following Amazon’s guidelines for the purpose. But the prices were not as competitive as we wanted them to be.


So, we decided to leverage our experience of distribution and network of partner fulfilment centres established over the years to offer economic prices for the K-Cups, making it an obvious choice in the presence of other variety of pods in the market. The best part about selling through our network of partners is that we ensure swift delivery within two days across the USA.


KCupsforsale.com is our website that caters to your demand for K-Cups that we fulfil, with a promise to offer the lowest prices with best quality service. If you are a supporter of family-run businesses that are passionate about serving the society with great products at economical costs, then shop for K-Cups here.