Blog submission guidelines

In order for our team to approve your blog post, you will have to fallow these conditions

  • Your post should be original and must have never been published before on the Internet.
  • There is no minimum length, but we recommend about 500-1,000 words for decent depth and detail.
  • All posts have to be coffee related. You may write about new products, reviews of an old products or even a where to buy recommendations
  • Your post should be informative for the readers.
  • Your post should be well-written and grammatically correct
  • It is important to write your posts in a casual, friendly voice that is more approachable and less formal.

Your post should not contain marketing-related links, and it must not be completely self-promotional

Author bio guidelines

  • The recommended length is between 50 and 75 words (2-3 sentences).
  • In the author bio, you can include up to 2 links.
  • Include a clear and closeup headshot, minimum 100×100 pixels in JPG or PNG formats.
  • To be displayed alongside your name, include a preferred professional title, such as “Ashley Smith Programs Manager, Candid”. You can opt not to include a title. Your name will only appear in the blog post as well as in your author profile.