Cafe Bustelo 2021 Full Review

cafe bustelo original

It is a vast area of coffee culture in Latin America. The history of coffee culture in Latin America goes back many centuries. There are many regional differences due to the variety of coffees grown locally. Central America and South America hold a central place in the history of coffee and their culture.
Along with strong, fragrant, and rich espressos, there are delicious cafe con lache, cortados and tinto and cafe della. Many names are available for the most widely consumed caffeinated beverage in this country.
It’s not surprising that this rich culture and long tradition was transplanted beyond the Latin American borders. Gregorio Bustelo was the man who started Cafe Bustelo in 1928. A Spanishman, he traveled to many Latin American cities, and fell in love, especially in Havana, with espresso-style coffee drinks.
Cafe Bustelo opened in East Harlem (New York) to spread this culture to the masses. In order to attract the Latino community in East Harlem, the prices were very affordable. At the time, they didn’t have access to coffee in a professional setting.
Cafe Bustelo now sells instant coffee beans, coffee beans, and packaged coffee in K-cups throughout the USA. It’s present everywhere there’s Latin coffee culture. You can instantly recognize Angelina, the famous face of Gregorio Bustelo’s wife, on all their coffee packages. The vibrant yellow packaging highlights the rich and vibrant coffee within.

Cafe Bustelo Products

What does Cafe Bustelo actually taste like? Is it right for me? Let’s find the answer.

Ground: The Original

 cafe bustelo original
The original is true, because it’s made exactly the same way as the first coffee brewed at East Harlem’s old coffee shop. It is faithfully replicated the way Cubans like their coffee: strong, dark, bold, and very flavorful. The grounds are sealed in a can so that they stay fresh. For espresso lovers who enjoy strong and smooth coffees.

Café Bustelo’s Supreme

Cafe Bustelo now offers an upgraded line. The Supreme is available as a whole bean or ground version. This makes it ideal if you want to grind your own beans and keep control over the brewing process.
It’s 100% Arabica. It is still very similar in flavor, and features the classic smooth and powerful combination that Cafe Bustelo is famous for.
This classic Latin-inspired coffee is irresistible. A decaf version of this coffee is also available.

Instant: “Sabor Latino al Instante”

Cafe Bustelo’s instant coffee is known for being a great alternative to whole beans and ground coffee. The “Sabor Latino al Instante” is available in single-serve packs, small containers and larger, freeze-dried canisters.
It is available in normal and decaf varieties, as well as flavored versions such cafe con dulce deleche, cafe cu chocolate, or cafe con leche. The names of the coffees are easy to understand and add a unique flavor to Cafe Bustelo’s original coffee taste.
Recently, one origin from Mexico has been added. This provides instant coffee with a Mexican-inspired flavor.

Single Serve Cups: “Listo Para Tu Taza”

Cafe Bustelo’s single serving offering is named “Ready for your Cup”. And the name couldn’t be more fitting. Available in the K cup format for Keurig machines “listoparatu taza”, it comes in six flavors.
Colombian and Brazil single origins have the same flavors (cafe with dulce deleche, cafe cu leche and cafecon chocolate) as for instant coffee. The classic Cafe Bustelo blend is also available. K-cups allow you to quickly brew Latin American coffee at your home in only a few seconds.

How to Brew

It is essential to reproduce the rich culture of Latin America coffee with proper coffee, such as Cafe Bustelo, and with the right brewing process. A good espresso machine can brew great espresso using the Supreme or original line of ground coffee. We recommend Cafe Bustelo in an Moka Pot.
To make it stronger, reduce the water content to achieve a higher ratio of coffee to water. Add about 1 tablespoon of sugar to each cup. This will give it the bitterness and sweetness that Latin America loves.
Mix the strong coffee with the sugar in the bottom of the espresso cups, and then pour it over.
You will make a concentrated, syrupy mixture with very strong coffee and lots of sugar. Then, you’ll “dilut” the coffee with unsweetened.
A classic cafe con leche is also possible with a Cafe Bustelo coffee that has a specific flavor or one without. You can make the same thing as before using an espresso machine or Moka pot. To soften the bitterest parts of the coffee, add a splash of milk to it.

Brew Profile

You now have a good idea of the Cafe Bustelo offerings and how to make it. How does it taste? What is Cafe Bustelo’s strength, body, or aromatic profile?
The Supreme line is Cafe Bustelo’s best. The Supreme line’s taste is not too different from “El Original”, so you can choose to purchase this one and save money.
The Supreme line has the same aroma profile as a traditional Latin American coffee, but it is geared towards this particular coffee culture. It is bold, bitter, and quite bitter with a distinct raisin-like element that underlines its bitterness. It is an acquired taste for some people, while Latin American palates will enjoy it as a delicious reminder of their roots. For unaccustomed people, it can be quite strong in terms of caffeine content as well as actual taste. It is definitely worth trying to get a better understanding of what it tastes like.
Cafe Bustelo’s strength is indeed a strong point. The Supreme line is 100% Arabica. However, the other lines have a fair amount of Robusta coffee. This gives the coffee more body and bolder flavors.
The Supreme line loses some points in terms of the variety of flavors that are recognized, in favor of stronger flavors. The Supreme line is more expensive but will give you a balanced cup. Cafe Bustelo’s has a great selection of strong coffees for those who prefer a stronger cup.
The body is also quite heavy due to Cafe Bustelo’s preference for Latin tastes and the inclusion of Robusta beans. You can expect a rich, full-bodied cup of coffee. A paper filter can be used to lighten the body, such as in a Chemex drip machine or Chemex. This will make the coffee more like what you are used to. Cafe Bustelo is the place to go if you want a strong-bodied cup of coffee.

Final Conclusion

Cafe Bustelo might not be the right choice for you if it isn’t lightened up and has complex flavors. Or if you prefer a coffee with a balanced flavor that doesn’t overwhelm you or need to be diluted by milk or sugar.
You might also like Cuban coffee. Do you prefer coffee strong and black? Are you looking to find a coffee that gives you the strength and body you would expect from a strong cup of coffee without you having to spend a lot?
Cafe Bustelo could be the right choice for you.