Eight O’Clock Flavored Coffee K-Cup Pod Review

eight o clock original

1. This wine has fruity, sweet flavors with a balanced finish.

2. Medium roast, caffeinated coffee

3. 100% Arabica coffee

4. Certified Orthodox Union Kosher

This delicious blend is made with premium 100% Arabica coffee in a medium roast. It is exceptionally smooth and full-bodied, with a complex finish. Although it may not be the original, it is certainly not boring.

Eight O’Clock (r), began a century ago, when the brand introduced America’s first gourmet whole bean coffee. Eight O’Clock’s premium coffees can be found in K-Cup pods. This coffee experience is only possible because of a passion for the craft and a unique combination between authenticity and confidence. Eight O’clock uses only the highest quality 100% Arabica coffee beans to deliver a superior cup of coffee every time!

Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cup Tasting Notes

Eight O’clock Coffee has been roasting coffee in America for more than 150 years. Eight’s K-Cups are 100% Arabica beans. They come in a variety of sizes, from the medium (The Original), to the dark (French roast).

You can now find a variety of Eight O’clock Coffee K-Cups available in limited-release and traditional flavors.

  • The Original Classic medium roast (decaf options available)
  • Flavored – Hazelnut and French Vanilla
  • Infusions – 100% Colombian, Dark Italian and French Roast
  • Barista Blends – Black & Tan and Caffe Americano.
  • Limited Editions: Temporary or seasonal roasts such as Texas Pecan Pie

Original K-Cup is their signature coffee. It’s rich and smooth, but not too exciting. This is your standard cup of Joe, which will not disappoint you. However, it’s not particularly exciting or complicated.

The Original’s Dark Italian and French Roast roasts are darker than the Original, but they have the same smooth profile and more richness.

Eight O’clock Coffee’s French Vanilla and Hazelnut K-Cups are less pronounced than other flavor pods. This allows the coffee’s natural flavor to shine through.

Eight O’clock Coffee is a large commercial roaster in the United States. It produces a good cup of coffee, which is pleasing to most coffee drinkers, but not as complex or exciting as truly great coffee.

Eight O’Clock Coffee K-Cup Caffeine Content

Eight O’clock Coffee K-Cups can contain between 70 and 155 mg of caffeine depending upon the roast. They use 100% Arabica Coffee, which is less bitter and has less caffeine than Robusta coffee. The Original K-Cup is the most caffeinated Eight O’clock Coffee K-Cup. This is because lighter roasts contain more caffeine than darker ones.

Eight O’clock Coffee K-Cups also come in decaf.

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