These 5 winter drinks will re-invent K-Cups

coffee in winter

Ready to spice up your winter?

We are all trying to keep warm this coming winter. Although, we feel like it’s winter in some months because of the AC at work. A scarf or sweater is a great way to keep warm, but a hot and tasty cup of coffee really helps.

You don’t always need a regular cup of coffee. Here are five delicious drink combinations you can make with office K-Cups. What’s the best part? These recipes are extremely easy to prepare, regardless of your coffee skills.

1.Pumpkin-Spiced Mocha


Even if you don’t like seasonal pumpkin pie, it is possible to enjoy the delicious taste. Pumpkin-spiced coffee, like all things, tastes better when there’s chocolate involved.
Half/half is a better choice than super sweet creamer. It also makes it easy to add a little bit of chocolate with your chocolate chips. You’re missing out if you haven’t tried pumpkin and chocolate mixed together!

2. Candy Cane Coffee

Candy Cane Coffee

Use the remaining candy canes to make a delicious K-Cup espresso with a minty flavor. However, this drink shouldn’t be enjoyed if you don’t enjoy mint flavors.
Depending on the sweetness of your taste buds, you may choose to use a dark-roasted K-Cup. It’s fine to use a light or medium-roasted K-Cup, but those who aren’t a fan of sweets will be happier with a darker roast. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it, it’s like a cup full of holiday cheer.

3. Crazy Cocoa with a Kick

Crazy cocoa

Hot chocolate is your best choice when it’s cold outside. Sometimes it might be a good idea to mix the cocoa powder and coffee in a way that makes the coffee taste almost nothing. This is the way to go if you want the most delicious thing in your morning.

4. Coffee with “Colleagues

coffee with friends

Although you won’t be sharing actual cup of coffee with your friends after making this, you may just find marshmallows to become your best friend. This is the easiest one on the entire list. You only need two things: your favorite hot coffee and some mini marshmallows.
It’s worthwhile, even though it will likely require you to run to the store (unless your secretly stash mini marshmallows under your desk… Kudos! .

5. Vanilla Salted Caramel Coffee

Salted vanilla coffee
The name alone will make you want to ditch your regular coffee. You don’t have to switch from your regular roast to a vanilla biscotti K-Cup. You’ll be a hit with the salted caramel chocolate creamer. You might never go back to regular coffee.

Mix it up with your office refreshment routine
All these recipes are very easy to make. You don’t have to do much work brewing your morning cup of coffee with a . The process of incorporating these ingredients into your morning drink is as simple. Mix a few ingredients and you have delicious coffee.
It is likely that you have the same morning cup of coffee year round. Winter is a great opportunity to try new things, mix it up, and have something sweet, warm, and different throughout the day. You can also buy enough for your office friends to try if you’re feeling generous.
Which one would you choose? Are you a creator of your own K-Cup creations or do you know one? Comment below and follow us on social media to get more office and lifestyle tips.

These delicious K-Cups are worth a try

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Dunkin Donut K Cups are a fun way to start your day! Choose from the Original Flavor or the Decaf. Both are made with real Dunkin Donuts coffee and deliver a delicious cup of java to your home.

If you are a coffee lover, then this will be of immense interest to you. Keurig is releasing its new K-Cup that will allow for coffee flavors like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, peppermint bark and more. A cool feature about these pods is that they are filled with real ingredients like cream cheese frosting or whipped cream.

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